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DAYA Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional manufaturer specializing in the production of Diodes, Bridge Rectifiers, Transistors and ESD electrostatic tube. Established in 2001, the factory is located in XinXiang of Henan province, a convenient traffic high-tech development zone. The area of the plant is more than 20,000 square meters, listing on the stock market in 2016; the staffs in our company are more than 400, including all types of professional and technical personnel of which researchers accounting for 20 percent or more. We adopt modern clean plants and completed power system. There is a 1000V high-voltage power distribution plant, a gas-making station with 80 cubic meters per hour and a water supply station with one cubic meter per hour. To fully meet the discrete semiconductor devices and the production process requirements, international advanced production, testing equipment and technology are introduced. Annual production capacity researches 3 billion, and 70% of the products export to North American, European and Asian countries, etc.

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