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Company Profile

Greenconn corporation, a Taiwanese company who established itself in 1998, specializes in Research and Development, and production of Connectors. Greenconn's main products consists of connectors for PC boards, power supplies, mobile phones, computers, computing accessories, industrial electronics, communication electronics, automotive electronics and a wide range of consumer electronics.

With customer service being Greenconn's main mission, in 2004, Greenconn expanded its services with its Suzhou branch office, Greenconn Technology (Suzhou) Corporation and its factory in 2008. As demand for Greenconn's products grew rapidly, it established its JiangXi factory in 2005, known as Greenconn Technology (GanZhou) Corporation. In 2009, Greenconn further expanded its services for North America’s customers in Vancouver, Canada, known as Greenconn Enterprises Inc.

With Customers from all over the world including Europe, North America, and Asia, Greenconn provides its customers with over 5000 products to meet all of their needs.

At Greenconn, we believe that our excellence in quality, service, and team spirit will bring the best for our customers and maintain our place as one of the best manufacturers of connectors in the past, present and the future.

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