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Camelot Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Camelot Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a national hytec technology enterprise founded in 2006 with 15M USD registered capital. Camelot have total investment more than 75M USD with 45,000 sqm production area that generate production capacity 100,000 sqm per month.

In response to the rapid technology development,from the beginning Camelot always devote to R&D and different varity of product. Our core products are used in automotive components; Camelot is the major supplier of “CATL” which is the world's largest manufacturer of new energy automotive batteries company and our product apply to well-known oversea brand including Benz, BMW, Audi, Chrysler and famous local brand including YuTong, Geely and Baic Moter. Our products also cover in other industries including comunication network, high speech high frequency, TFT LCD, medical, industrial control and consumer electronics product; over 50% of products being exported to United States, Europe and other countries.

In July 2019, our new factory “ Camelot Hubei Technology Co., Ltd ” size of 277,000 sqm located in Anlu City, Hubei province start to production. The total investment of the new factory is estimated o be 150M USD with total 400,000 sqm monthly capacity aims to be the top 10 PCB manufacturing base in China. And Camelot always adheres to the core business philosophy of “Customer first, Quality No.1, Best services and Continues innovation” .

With a Total Quality Management system in place and our mission of quality first, cost effective, on time delivery and professional quick service coupled with the above makes Camelot PCB your perfect partner for your pcb requirements.
Camelot have got the certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 and ISO13485; in another side, Camelot comply with relevant environmental policies, laws and regulations, educating and advocating all employees to protect natural resources as everyone's responsibility.

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