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Company Profile

Suzhou Novosense Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (NOVOSENSE) is a leading IC fabless design company which is focusing on high performance mix-signal IC design, and specializing in enabling sensorsignal-chain solutions. NOVOSENSE is the first IC design house which focusingon sensor system and providing one-stop solution with ongoing technicalsupport. Our experiences covers from MEMS, collecting tiny signal, mix-signal processing and sensor calibration with abundant IP portfolio.
Innovation-driven and customer-focused, we enable sensor solutions that collaborated to leading partners in the sensor industry. We developed China’s first signal conditioner for 3-axis accelerometer and high performance signal conditioner ASIC for altimeter.Our high performance products and excellent application support have earned ourcustomer’s trust and build long-term partnerships with market leaders.
In the future, NOVOSENSE will promoting value consistently with R&D invest on MEMS sensor, industrial sensor and portable medical sensor areas.

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