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Company Profile

BUBUJING since 1987,we have seven factories, nine offices, and more than 800 professional employees .We are an integrated solution provider that has been focusing on connectors, switches, and wiring harnesses for more than thirty years.
The registered trademark is BBJconn & BBJ-Link. The main products are tactile switches series, wafer connectors, USB, type-c, USB data cable, shared power cable, automotive wiring harness and other products, widely used in Internet of Things, smart home, artificial intelligence, industrial equipment, medical electronics, security monitoring, network communications, consumer electronics and other fields The company has a wealth of technology research and development, and advanced equipment, products have passed UL, VDE, CE, CB, CCC, CQC and other safety certification, in line with RoHS environmental requirements. The company strictly follows: ISO9001: 2000 quality system operation and established the US UL product laboratory.

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