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Company Profile

Established in 1996, Topway is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design and manufacturing of LCD Module. Being a customer-focused company, Topway has gradually gained a strong foothold in the world as a company excels in Quality, Innovative, and Service.
Topway's founding members are teams of professional engineers whose careers have long been associated with LCD industry. With such solid experience and technology know-how, these high-power LCD Module specialists have a strong sense of duty and passion to deliver the best LCD Module to customers.
Topway's production equipment are state-of-the-art Japanese technology including COB, TAB, etc. Our production plant has stringent quality control to guarantee absolute product quality.
Topway have a very close and long standing cooperative relationship with China higher education institutions where in-depth technology research. Our up-to-date marketing intelligence of LCD technology and related applications, extensive networking with worldwide product design houses and component makers, all ensure our LCD Module as technology superior and market welcome.

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