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Company Profile

Shenzhen Hengtian Great Cause Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic printed circuit board manufacturer with the factory established in Doumen District of Zhuhai City, is devoted to manufacturing high-precision double-sided multilayer printed circuit boards, and specializes in serving high-tech enterprises and research units at home and abroad.

Hengtian Great Cause is rated as an annual excellent supplier in many famous enterprises at home and abroad, and is a non-public scientific and technological enterprise recognized by Shenzhen Office of Science and Technology. Meanwhile, high-precision large, medium and small batches of printed circuit boards produced by Hengtian Great Cause have passed the certification of Shenzhen High-tech Project and been approved to enter Shenzhen High-tech Park.

Our company has passed the certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001, UL (E332411), TS16949 and ISO13485.

Our leading markets are located in Europe, North America, South America and many other countries and regions. With international advanced process technologies and advanced management mode, our company has increasingly expanded the market, and constantly developed the business.

Our factory covers an area of 8,000m2, and has the monthly production capacity design of 30,000m2 and the daily delivery capacity of more than 1,000m2, with the sample double-sided boards finished within 24h, 4-8-layer boards processed for 3-5d, batches of double-sided boards processed for 3-5d and 4-8-layer boards processed for 5-8d. We stably support project development process and production schedule of customers, to seize market opportunities.

Our company has purchased advanced production equipment at home and broad, and improved the production technical capacity. By unremitting efforts of our R&D team, our company has successfully researched and developed mechanical micro hole, high aperture ratio, high-rise backboard, high-impedance resistance, HDI and many other leading production technologies.

“Focus on customers’ needs, think for customers’ thoughts; quality-based, service-oriented” is our service tenet. In the development process, our company unites wholeheartedly, struggles jointly, and is devoted to creating first-class culture and first-class enterprise.

In accordance with ISO9001 standard and the spirit of “Perseverance”, our company insists on total involvement in quality improvement, and constantly absorbs the latest international technology, to perfect the product quality, and meet customer requirements.

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