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Shenzhen jieduobang Technology Co., Ltd. is a global PCB fast proofing service, small and medium batch PCB production and manufacturing enterprise, committed to become a world-class PCB proofing brand service provider. Since its establishment, the company adheres to the business philosophy of "market-oriented, quality-oriented", and provides continuous high-quality services for the innovation of China's information and electronic industry.

The company is headquartered in Bantian Vanke spark online, Longgang District, Shenzhen, with an office area of 1000 square meters and a factory building area of 30000 square meters. It ships more than 2500 PCB samples per day, with a monthly delivery volume of 80000 square meters, making the company a "fastest and best service" brand in China's PCB proofing industry, leading the PCB proofing industry.

The main business of the company is PCB proofing, PCB layout, SMT chip, component purchasing, steel mesh, etc. With various businesses as the center, the company has set up three factories in Huizhou, Pingshan and Shajing; set up special business departments in Futian, Shenzhen; set up foreign trade offices in Hangzhou and Shenzhen; set up customer service centers in Hong Kong, Hangzhou and other electronic industry center cities.

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