Zhejiang Lianhe Electronics Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Lianhe Electronics Co., Ltd

China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) | 12C19

Electronic design (ED/EDA) | Passive components (capacitors, resistors, inductors, etc.)

Industrial electronics | Communication systems | Consumer Electronics | Computers & Peripherals | Automotive industry | New energy


Company Profile

Zhejiang Lianhe Electronics Co Ltd established in 2004.Expert at the design,manufacture and slaes service of the electronic connector. The company formerly known as Yueqing Lianhe electronics factory, was reorganized and established in April 2010 as Zhejiang Lianhe Electronics Co. Ltd.Headquarters is in Yuueshang Pioneering Park,Gangwan Area,Puqi Town,yueqing,zhejiang.Near the biggest port in Zhejiang Branch factory is in Houyu Industrial Area Shifan Town Yueqing Zhejiang,Closed to Train Station The geographical position is superior, the transportation network extend in all directions.Our company has always been adhering to the "Customer satisfaction as the core, Creating value for customers" business philosophy Companies adhere to the "Let standard be habit,let habit meet standard" quality policy.

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