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Jiangsu Poppula semiconductor Co., Ltd.

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POPPULA Semiconductor is a World Class Semiconductor Manufacturing facility established in 2011 at Siyang Economic Development Zone, Suqian City, Jiangsu, PRC.
Our facility is one of the very few semiconductor facilities in mainland China to utilize HIGHLY AUTOMATED PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT with a production capacity of more than 3 billion pieces per year for producing PREMIUM QUALITY SOD123, SOD323F,SOD323GW, SOD523F,SOD923F,SOT23,DFN2020,DFN1006 products and we are aggressively expanding our product portfolio to be able to offer more SMD components and micro packages. Our manufacturing line, production processes, quality standards and management system was set-up by expatriates from oversea based multi-national companies to consistently produce PREMIUM QUALITY surface mount type semiconductor components.
The products we manufacture are MSL 1 and AEC-Q101 qualified, RoHS and HF compliant while our factory quality management system is IATF16949 compliant.
Our main business is to provide ASSEMBLY & TEST SERVICES to OEMs & ODMs customers and we can also offer components with POPPULA brand through our global sales network & partners.
Please visit our website www.poppula.com for more details.

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