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SKYLAB M&C Technology Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

SKYLAB M&C Technology Co., Ltd.,located in Shenzhen, specialized in researching and developing GNSS(GPS, Beidou, GAIILEO, GLONASS,QZSS), WiFi, GPRS, Bluetooth technologies applications. have launched a series of GNSS/GPRS/WiFi/Bluetooth module with the features of super sensitivity, ultra low power and fast TTFF, easy to be integrated into customers' systems and solutions.

Established in 2002, with the development of the current most advanced wireless technologies, our company has established a strong R&D team which is able to respond to the ever-changing wireless communications market quickly and flexibly by the abundant experience and skill on developing RF technologies & wireless application technologies.

We have been fully committed to providing innovative and high-quality GNSS/GPRS/WiFi/Bluetooth modules, application solutions and best service to create long-term value and potential growth for our customers in the future.

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