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Company Profile

Beijing Yaohuadechang Electronic Co.,Ltd (Dechang Electric Co.,Ltd) was founded in 1992. Focus on the research and development, production and marketing of power transformer, current transformer,, SCR trigger transformer, driver transformer, hall sensor and etc. The products are applied in industry equipment, precision instruments, aviation, medical treatment, railway, electric power, wind power and industries which require high quality products.

In 1993 we begin adopting vacuum epoxy encapsulated technology. Our technical engineers lead a technical team with innovative spirit. By the abundant technical force, every year we developed many excellent performance products. These years, we always insist using high quality material produce the best performance products.

In 1997 the company produced the first testing set of "Airflow Electric Heating Device" for " Shenzhou Spaceship". And up to now, we had provided hundreds of specific equipment for aerospace and aviation areas.

Our company has obtained several patents and?make contributions to the development of power industry.

Our factory covers over 12000 square meters, including 4 workshops, several full automatic product line, more than 100 sets automatic wire winding machine and sufficient test machinery, have enough production capacity to meet market demand. Two laboratories are set for developing high performance product according to customers requirements.

Our products have been approved CE , CQC and RoHS etc certificate.

Our company adopts the direct sales mode, set up many offices in Beijing, Shanghai,Shenzhen and Europe,United States etc. Face to the customer and provide the technical support and services directly. After more than 20 years accumulation and precipitation, we are the top in the same industry. We always insist the principle of " We only have one kind customer, satisfied customers". And keep in mind " Quality first, Customer first" to serve our customers with heart and soul.

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