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Company Profile

 Guangzhou Aipu Electron Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise founded in 2004 .We are "ALIBABA" and "PAYPAL" verified OEM factory of dc converter in China with many years experience! Our power module have pass "CE", "RoHS " certified With a crew of senior technicians, SMT advanced equipment and many technology's patent rights, our enterprise has became a member of the Power Supply Committee of China, professional in Power Module's Research & Development (R&D),Production, Marketing and Power Solution.
 ISO9000:2008 Quality Management System and ISO14001 International Environment Certification System have been fully implemented into our 1,000 square factory area and 150 employees. All products are produced in line with the relate standards by the Department of Information Industry. At present, Our power modules are widely applied in fields of communication, instruments, medical treatment, military use, railway , electricity equipment and etc by its unique technical advantages, highly reliable quality guarantee.

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