DongGuan Churod Electronics Co., Ltd.

DongGuan Churod Electronics Co., Ltd.


Passive components (capacitors, resistors, inductors, etc.)

Industrial electronics | Automotive industry | Medical technology | New energy | Security & protection system | Intelligent building | Household appliance

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Churod Electronics Co., Ltd
Churod Electronics is specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing a variety of relay products. Our products are broadly used in home appliances, transportation, industrial and new energy applications.

Founded in 2006, we have been growing rapidly as a relay manufacturer with quality assurance and credibility. We are now producing and selling dozens of series of relay products and over 1000 part numbers. Customer satisfaction is always our first priority.

With a management, technical and production team from world-class relay companies, we have endeavored to develop new products and innovative technologies on the basis of consistent improvement of quality and lifespan. We are determined to be a leading relay manufacturer in five years.

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