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Company Profile

Shenzhen Unibetter Technology Co.,ltd is an authorized independent distributor, high and new technology enterprises,Which is focus on value-added services of semiconductors.We are franchise distributor of 16 global and local manufacturers ,such as ACUS、Alliance、Diotec、Fibocom、GD、GoWin、PFC、TSC etc.The products are covered lots of areas ,like FPGA、MCU、DDR、SRAM、FLASH、SENSOR、IGBT、MOSFET、DIODES、TVS etc.

Established in 2009,we are developed with a high speed growth .Now unibetter has more than 70 employees which is a young and high- educated team.All of them are at least bachelor degree with average age of 26 years old.Because of the high speed growth ,we sat up lots of branch offices in the world-wide during these years ,customers are covered in automatic car ,industry control,electronic power ,network communication and aerospace etc.Trading clients involve many fields.Among them, domestic well-known enterprises have close cooperation with Lian Chuang Jie.

Since we established the company ,we are always keep the idea that set up a top quality company that can be reply on by all the customers ,build a free space for all the employees,create a value-added platform for all the shareholders.Our dream is to be a professional and value-added distributors ,and finally make all the shareholders ,employees and customers win .Based on the dream of being value-added distributor of semiconductors,we are making all our effort to make unibetter to be the first-class enterprise in the world-wide .

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